Choice1 Black Friday Pre-Sale Extravaganza!

  • Wednesday, 1st November, 2023
  • 12:16pm

Choice1 Black Friday Pre-Sale Extravaganza!


We know are you tired of the hassle of setting up apps, configuring logins, and troubleshooting streaming issues? We've got the ultimate solution for you: The Choice1 Android Box!

Pre-loaded and ready to use - simply add an internet connection.

Includes Cloudfix for remote issue diagnostics and fixes.

And here's the best part - it's FREE! JUST PAY SHIPPING

You might be wondering, "What's the catch?" But there isn't one. Any preconfigured box typically sells for over $250, these are FREE JUST PAY SHIPPING. With our Black Friday Pre-Sale, you can get them on ALL MONTHLY PACKAGES - just pay the shipping.



Here's the deal:

Order any of our monthly packages.

Pay a small shipping fee of $18 USD or $25 CDN per box.

Receive 1 to 5 Choice1 Android Boxes based on your chosen package.


That's right, the more you subscribe, the more boxes you'll get! Whether you want a box for the bedroom, the living room, or as a backup - it's up to you.


Say goodbye to streaming frustrations and buffering issues. Upgrade your entertainment game with Choice1 this Black Friday. The pre-sale STARTS now, runs until November 5th !










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